VeloVita Review: “Fuel your brain” energy drink


VeloVita Review:

Hi there! The internet has recently been buzzing with many different companies that have seemingly popped out of nowhere. One of the noticeable ones have been Velovita who provide energy drinks that are capable of fuelling up your brain.


What is VeloVita?

VeloVita is currently operating in the nutritional supplement of the  MLM niche. The company is based out of Miami, Florida, however this information hasn’t been verified or  mentioned on their website or social media pages.

Climbing up the VeloVita heirarchy to the top, are the co-founders Kosta Gara (CEO) and Jeff Mack (President).  Kosta Gara also provides developmental solutions to MLM companies  with the Gara Group.

The traffic to Gara Group’s website was at an all time high while iGalen was operating. It has since declined in numbers and still continues to do so.

What exactly is Velovita’s unique selling point?

VeloVita’s flagship product is Bran, a water mixed dietary supplement made in the USA. It is defined to be “A well-rounded nootropic with leading edge nanotechnology for creating greater impact while delivering an instant boost to the central control unit of your body, your brain.

Brān contains a blend of 16 nutrients for a clean and long-lasting energy boost and mood enhancer while helping the body burn glucose and stored body fat. Bran comes  in three unique flavors; chocolate sea salt, lemon drop and caramel macchiato.

A box of Bran contains twenty-five single-serve pouches. A retail option hasn’t been provided yet, however we do know that Bran wholesales for a price of a whopping $64.95 a box.


What does VeloVita’s Compensation Plan entail?

Although there’s no mention of it in their compensation plan, VeloVita’s commission qualification requires customers to be acquired and retained through retail particularly.

We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on retail sales as the company also pays out  referral commissions on products that have been ordered by recruited affiliates.

Residual commissions are paid through binary team cycles, rounded out by additional performance-based bonuses.


What are the various ranks for VeloVita Affiliates?

There are six affiliate ranks within VeloVita’s compensation plan. The qualification criteria, are written as follows:

Affiliate – Sign up as a VeloVita affiliate and qualify for MLM commissions.

Star – Recruit two MLM commission qualified affiliates and start earning 10 residual commission cycles a week.

All Star – Acquire and maintain four MLM commission qualified affiliates while  earning 25 residual commission cycles a week.

Rock Star – Recruit four personally recruited MLM commission qualified affiliates, by simply having one star or higher ranked affiliate on both sides of your binary team, to  and be earning 50+ residual commission cycles a week.

Super Star – Have four personally recruited MLM commission qualified affiliates, by arranging your four star or higher ranked affiliates on both sides of your binary team,  by earning 150 residual commission cycles a week.

V-Star – Maintaining four personally recruited MLM commission qualified affiliates, by recruiting a level  four Rock Star or higher ranked affiliates on both sides of your binary team earn 500+ residual commission cycles a week.


What is the process of joining VeloVita?

The standard VeloVita affiliate membership has a price tag of $49.95 a month to it. The new affiliates must also unconditionally purchase boxes of Bran, and based on a certain number of boxes purchased, you level will keep increasing as well. Here are the different levels, that are:

  • Advocate – 1 box of Bran for $64.95
  • Promoter – 6 boxes of Bran for $324.75
  • Influencer – 12 boxes of Bran for $649.50
  • Ambassador – 25 boxes of Bran for $1299

For the Influencer and Ambassador tiers, the annual fee is off waived for the first year and in addition to the bundled product, how much a VeloVita affiliate spends when they sign up, has a deep impact.


VeloVita is an American company run by Americans from within America. America doesn’t do the “line above e” thing so, more likely than not, Bran is going to be referred to as “bran”. Moving onto VeloVita’s compensation plan, the plan is designed in a “pay to play structure” to make more money.

Thus, based on these factors,  we would  advise you against investing in this company and keep an eye put for much better opportunities in the future. We hope you found this review informative for your investments.

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