Top Affiliate Programs for 2020

top affiliate program

If you are interested in earning some passive income by promoting reputable affiliate programs, you have come to the right place. I believe it would be great for you to know the top affiliate programs in 2020. I hope this article helps you in your future decision making.

top affiliate program
top affiliate programs

You will find multiple such articles on the internet, but I am not sure which one to believe and which one to not. So, I decided to take things in my own hands and do some research myself.

So, here are the top affiliate programs for 2020:

#1. ShareASale:

It has been 19 years now that this affiliate program is at the top of the pile. They have dedicated their business exclusively to network marketing. Showcasing a vast marketplace full of merchants catering to almost everything you can think of, there’s always going to be relevant products for you to promote. That is just great!

#2. ClickFunnel Affiliate Program:

“Get Just 100 New ClickFunnels Users…And We’ll Cover The Payments On YOUR Dream Car!”ClickFunnel uses this tagline for marketing their program. There is a huge opportunity to earn high commissions on all their top range products and services.

#3. Wealthy Affiliate Program:

This is one of the most engaging affiliate programs in the market. You need to use their already proven tools to launch your website, market your site, and attract visitors and earn revenue for doing so. Earn referral commissions for merely referring members to the community.

#4. Thirsty Affiliates:

This is not just your regular affiliate marketing program tool. It is a cleverly developed to help bloggers to earn more revenue. You will be able to receive a 30% commission of the sale price for any sale referred to them by you.

#5. Berush Affiliate Program:

As and affiliate, you are eligible to earn a 40% recurring commission on initial sales as well as on subscription renewals. They are an all in one tool kit for digital marketing professionals, and they claim to be the biggest platform for research service for online marketing.

#6. Sandals Affiliate Marketing Program:

This affiliate marketing program works through the CJ Affiliate network. It would be perfect for those in the luxury travel or vacation blog space. In this affiliate program, you will be able to earn 4% of each sale across their range of products and services.

#7. Spocket Partner Program:

You will be able to earn 20-30% commissions on all subscriptions for 15-months (instant payment in case of annual subscription) and get instant access to weekly challenges where you can earn bonus rewards. It is the biggest, leading dropshipping marketplace for US and EU products. Joining as an affiliate allows you this opportunity to make up to $450 per subscriber.

#8. Shopify Affiliate Program:

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, website builders, and payments software developers in the world. It allows you to earn up to 200% commission based on the amount of the subscription your referral signups have paid. You will be eligible to earn up to $2000 as a commission with Shopify.

#9. Leadpages:

For earning commissions with Leadpages, you will need to become a member and then promote their lead generation tools, which are already helping multiple entrepreneurs in their businesses. You are eligible to earn 30% of recurring commissions for any purchases made by your referrals, whether it is their plans or renewals till the time the references are its members.

#10. Big Marker Affiliate Program:

This program offers software to host webinars to help you with your digital marketing and boost your revenue. Big Marker offers its latest customers a 14 day free trial period, out of which you get $2 per trial started. After that, you are eligible to receive a 50% commission on any sale made with the potential to earn up to $152 per sale.

#11. Rakuten Affiliate Program:

Formerly known as Link Share, this affiliate network is ranked No.1 in the Affiliate Programs list. The best features include automatic ad rotation and the ability to link to a specific page on the merchant’s website, which helps you with your targeting.

#12. Avangate Affiliate Network:

It is the global e-commerce platform that increases the sales of digital solutions, SaaS, and software. You will have to join the network are you will have the option of over 22,000 products to choose from, the one that best suits your audience. You have the potential to earn up to 75% of commissions for each purchase made by your referrals. There are chances to earn recurring commissions, as well as few products that are subscription-based as well.

You are allowed to become an affiliate member with multiple networks irrespective of your target audience or how much you are willing to earn or invest. The first thing is to get started with top affiliate programs.

Being a member of multiple affiliate programs gives you numerous options with regards to the products you promote, plus they are all free to join. You can always quit the program if it’s not working out according to your plan, or you do not have any products that you want to promote.

But I would suggest you think sharp and think hard before you join any affiliate program because you are the king of your own decisions. Hope you enjoyed our article on “Top Affiliate Programs for 2020”. Please do follow us on LinkedIn to know get updated with our latest articles and in below section share your thoughts or comments. Thanks for reading the top Affiliate Programs!

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