Mining City Review : How secured Bitcoin mining for its members?

Mining City Review

Mining City Review

Digital currency trading is in demand among investors now. Is it secure to trade with bitcoins? Know more about how to deal safely with your digital currency.

Mining City review
Mining City review

The word “bitcoin” is no more a gibberish term for anyone who generally spends some time on sharpening up their knowledge on current affairs. Thanks to the influence of digital media for enlightening the ordinary people about apparently complex topics related to the cryptocurrency. This decentralized digital currency is the key player of the currency trading world. So, this bit of coin trading holds particular importance during currency trading. The Mining city membership can help a user to make the most out of this currency trading process.

How safe is it to deal with bitcoins?

There a rumour or myth buzzes around that dealing with bitcoins are mostly unsafe! The next question which immediately pops up in a reader’s mind is how people make a profit out of this cryptocurrency trading? There are a few trustworthy companies like Mining City available in the world to help the users deal with their bitcoins safely. Mining City Review is something which an investor can rely on.

History of Mining City

The official website of the Mining City provides an adequate amount of required information about the milestones of the organization. Registered in the year 2003, Prophetek has listed as the owner of this particular domain. Still, at the same time, it seems to be a subsidiary company under the Mining City Products & Services Private Limited. Mr Grzegorz Rogowski is the founder and CEO of this MLM venture. Mr Rogowski is based out of Poland.

The immense popularity of Mining City among the investors

This organization is also based out of his home town. Despite handling an MNM venture as an executive for the first time- Mr Rogowski manages this organization well. Hats off his managerial and administrative skill that made this company to grab the eyeballs of the stockholders. This Europe based company is quite popular among Asian cryptocurrency traders in terms of credibility. The Mining City Review is also something a new investor can vouch for.

Get to know about the products of Mining City.

Mining City is mostly into digital currency trading service-based company. This organization has not come up with any particular product that can help in terms of bitcoin trading. Only the members of the affiliates can avail Mining City Products & Services at a nominal price. This website is already popular in Europe. Presently, they are focusing on to increase the user base in Asian countries. The ratings and maybe the number of potential consumers in the European region is helping them to create a database of the potential stakeholders from Asia as well.

Referral models of Mining City

The referral programme in the Mining City works in a hybrid model for the customers. In this particular model, affiliates are entitled to recruit fellow associates under the umbrella of the organization. The Mining City affiliate membership helps to grow the team more robust by adding new members in the chain. An affiliate has to pay 5% of funds invested by their first five affiliates whom he or she helped to join the company. Once they can add 6th affiliate member in the chain, 10% of the funds will be offered to the person. After this, only they are eligible to create a team.

Earn money with Mining City

  • Affiliates get 5% referral commission on up to ten unilevel teams.
  • City creators receive a 5% referral bonus up to the fifteenth team levels.
  • Developers get a minimum of 5% referral commission up to twenty levels of the team right after opting for the Mining city membership.
  • City managers are entitled to receive up to 5% referral commission to thirty team levels.
  •  Chief Managers or anyone who holds a position higher than this-  gets at least 5% as the referral commission across the verticals.

How to join Mining City

The membership cost of Mining City is going to cost an affiliate varies from 500$ to 3500$. The total amount should be paid through a bit of coin. That seems challenging for someone who is going to start investing in the cryptocurrency industry for the first time. The Mining City Compensation Plan has been created exclusively for digital currency trading enthusiasts. This cloud mining organization is planning to set up a branch in Kazakhstan area as the numbers of affiliates are surging up from the Asian countries.

One final point I want to touch on is is that according to his LinkedIn profile, Grzegorz Rogowski worked as Vice President of Marketing for MineBest from August to October 2018.

One month later he launched Prophetek and presumably set about putting together Mining City. MineBest is run by owner and CEO Eyal Avramovich (right).

MineBest’s website domain was for sale up until a few months ago. It was purchased by Avramovich on or around April 2019.


It’s too difficult to find out a genuine company from the digital currency trading world. Mining City is standing tall among all the competitors. Those who all re confused about how to deal safely with their bitcoins, Minning City is the perfect choice for them.

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  1. I think Mining City are legit and based in Poland. I know their partner company called MineBest, MineBest CEO, Eyal Avramovich. He is chief executive of MineBest, a Poland-based company that mines bitcoin. Established in 2017. which construct and maintain their facility. I never suggest any cloudmining at all and don’t know if it is among their services!

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