Is iMarketsLive a Legitimate MLM or a Fraudulent Scam?

iMarketsLive Reviews

iMarketsLive Review

You might have heard a lot about a company called iMarketsLive that has been making the news lately. The company iMarketsLive stands for International Markets Live, a unique multi-level marketing company, with the core domain of the business in the Forex market. Forex stands for foreign exchange trading and is also known as currency trading. It is merely like the stock market. However, instead of buying and selling shares of companies, you have to buy and sell currencies such as the U.S and Canadian dollar.

The Forex market is one of the giant financial markets on the planet, which conducts the yearly business of 5 trillion dollars. Let us first take a close look at understanding everything there and know about this company and provide a detailed iMarkets Live Review!


iMarketsLive – An Overview


The company is currently appearing in more than 120 countries. It has training available, which is also possible even in eight major languages. Trading contains higher substantial risk and is not suitable for every investor. iMarkets Live MLM is a Forex Trading that offers different types of educational trading products and services to a greater global audience. The company appears in more than 120 countries across the world. It has practical training modules in more than eight languages and its headquarters, located in the big apple, New York City, New York.


What’s the history of iMarketsLive?


iMarkets Live covers cryptocurrency markets for coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The vision of the company, according to its website, is to educate, enrich, encourage, and empower more than one million students by the year 2020. Forex trading is incredibly challenging to get into, especially from a beginner’s viewpoint. Initially, it founded in 2013 by the CEO, Christopher Terry. The corporate website has been surprisingly less when it comes to offering information.


iMarketsLive Reviews
iMarketsLive Reviews

IMarketsLive scam may be a real thing, and however, this is not the case. Most MLM’s if not all companies have a little information on their website, to educate the general audience about who founded the company. However, there is absolutely no information about who the founder or CEO of iMarketslive is. By doing a little more research, we came up with the knowledge that the CEO recruited the people who made the most money by enlisting the largest downlines as well. During this time, iMarketsLive launched a unique automated trading program called “FX Signals Live.” From their video, we have comprehended that FX Signals Live got discontinued in the year 2016.


What are the various products offered by iMarketsLive?

iMarkets Live offers multiple products, which will give you the ability to become a successful and great trader. The company provides a great suite of support and trading education. It contains more than 100 training videos and modules which offer basic and advanced strategies, especially with Forex trading and cryptocurrency investing. iMarketsLive provides a lot of help to all members by allowing access to proprietary financial trading software.

There’s a tool called Harmonic Scanner, which can help you search the market for a harmonic pattern in exploiting the harmonic patterns to use and gain profit from them.


Here are the various tools that are offered by iMarketsLive:


  • Harmonic Scanner: It is a tool that helps to search for harmonic patterns in exploiting and profiting off them.
  • Web Analyzer: The tool does the same, especially with cryptocurrency, for an additional fee.
  • SwipeTrades: This alerts you to “Forex trade ideas,” including risk management and expert guidance, for an additional $17 a month.
  • SwipeCoin: It’s an incredible tool exclusively meant for CryptoTrades and an extra $100 per month fee.


How will joining iMarkets Help You Out?


  • Potential for high income without recruitment
  • A high abundance of training materials
  • Incredible UI/UX
  • Greater networking capacity
  • Access to live markets for trading


What are the cons of joining iMarkets?


  •     Trading Advice isn’t cheap: Trading advice isn’t necessarily reasonable by any standards. It is because brokers all require money, and time is money for them. So, you should be expecting upwards of a few hundred dollars for accessing the iMarketsLive.


  •     The potential risk of losing more than monthly fees: Since it’s the financial market of currencies, many factors come into the picture. It means that the risk of losing out is more than ever!


How Trustworthy is iMarketsLive?

It is important to always trust your gut instincts, especially in the Forex market. Whether you choose to invest in the business or think that iMarketsLive is a scam, the ultimate choice is upon you.


Final Thoughts:


Ultimately it all boils down to how trustworthy you feel with your gut in trusting iMarketsLive MLM for your future investments. We hope you found this iMarkets Live Review informative in shaping your opinion on whether iMarketsLive is a scam or not. Good luck with your future finances, and we wish you the best of luck and good fortune!

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