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INBS International Review


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In this review, we will be looking into everything there is to know about the company called INBS international. This company has created a lot of buzz on the validity of the company. However, there has been a definite connection made between the company and its connection to the Mainston Ponzi scheme.

INBS International Review
INBS International Review

To create an illusion of distance, Mainston has presented itself as a partner on INBS’s international website. When in fact, INBS reality’s international website were run by the same original people

who also ran Mainston -Fabrice Kerherve and Patrick and Sandra Colin.

For all intents and purposes, Mainston and INBS International are the same company. Mainston originally launched in 2015 as a simple four-tier deep pyramid scheme. I believe it collapsed by the end of the year. In 2019 they resurfaced again with Flash4People, another failed crypto Ponzi scheme.

Mainston’s Ponzi reboot saw a market STON tokens, which Kerherve and his Colin partners sold to gullible investors. According to Mainston’s website, the company scammed investors out of €8.5 million euros. The exchange Mainston found to list its token on was Latoken, a dodgy bitcoin exchange run out of Russia. STON’s Latoken listing appears to have taken place last December or so.


What are the products offered by INBS International?

The biggest sign of this being a scam is that there are no marketable products offered by the company, except for the affiliate membership sold to each other.

INBS International’s compensation plan allows its owners to launder STON tokens for bitcoin, ethereum, and tether. Commissions who are tied to the purchase of INBS International’s products by recruited affiliates are paid out in STON.


Commission Qualification

90 PV equates to purchasing 4 bottles of any of INBS International’s products and to qualify and remain qualified to earn commissions, each INBS International affiliate must also

  1. purchase 90 PV worth of product each month; and
  2. personally recruit two affiliates, one placed on both sides of the binary team.

What are the different affiliate ranks offered by INBS internationally?

There are eleven affiliate ranks within INBS International’s compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  • Explorer – generate 250 GV in accumulated weaker binary team volume
  • Challenger – generate 1000 GV in accumulated weaker binary team volume
  • Goldener – generate 2500 GV in accumulated weaker binary team volume
  • Noder – generate 5000 GV in accumulated weaker binary team volume
  • Pioneer – generate 10,000 GV in accumulated weaker binary team volume
  • Token – generate 20,000 GV in accumulated weaker binary team volume
  • Commander in Chain – not provided
  • Connector – not provided
  • Key Master – not provided
  • Satoshi – not provided
  • Satoshi Ruler – not provided


What is the various type of commissions offered by INBS?

There are primarily two types of main commissions offered by INBS which are Direct Referral Commissions, as INBS International affiliates receive 17% of funds spent by personally recruited affiliates. Residual Commissions are paid out by INBS with a binary compensation plan. A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two sides (left and right).



In a nutshell, INBS International is a money-laundering operation. The business model is that of a pyramid scheme, with the side-goal of raising STON’s dodgy exchange price. Note the US exception. Make no mistake: INBS International is illegal everywhere else in the world, it’s just that the US is far more diligent in shutting scams like INBS International down. Looking forward, INBS International will chug along while they can find new suckers to offload STON onto. The promoters who are already in neck-deep from Mainston will continue to market because that’s the only hope in hell they have of cashing out their STON balances. In conclusion, investing in this company is probably the worst thing that you can do and there is a good guarantee that you will never see your money again. The shady founders will try everything in their power to squeeze the last bit of money, that they can from you. So, please stay away and invest in better financial sources.

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