How Does Affiliate marketing works? How you can become an Affiliate?

affiliate marketing works

How Does Affiliate marketing works?

In our previous articles, we have shared the basic affiliate marketing guide comprising of what exactly affiliate marketing is, what all jargons are associated with it and what one should know about Affiliate marketing works before entering into it.

affiliate marketing works
Affiliate marketing works

Now, that the basics are cleared, let’s understand how does Affiliate marketing works?

Fundamentally, an affiliate is paid whenever their blog or website visitor makes a transaction. Be it a click, a sale or lead form submission. Affiliate marketing is considered to be the most efficient & cost-effective tool for attaining new leads, customers, and sales.

The process of Affiliate Marketing:

If you own a blog or a website then affiliate marketing is the most rudimentary way to monetize it. All you need to do is research for the company or brand providing such affiliate programs and which one among them will be best suited for you. Once you land on a decision of which company’s product or service you will be promoting through your channel; contact them and understand based on which model they will be paying you. Majorly, there are three main models i.e. Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) and Pay-Per-Sale (PPS).

After this, you are given a link which you will include in your website or blog through which the company will track the audience directed by you. And based on the figures generated through your link you will be paid the agreed commission.  Affiliate Marketing is a wonderful way to earn legitimate passive income.

Many known brands offer such affiliate programs and are helping people make a little extra cash solely based on their marketing skills. Following are the example of such market leaders:

ShareASale Affiliates

Founded 17 years ago by Brian Littleton, ShareASale is a classic example of Affiliate Marketing success. They have a marketplace loaded with merchants offering almost everything you can think of. This makes it easy for an affiliate to select his/her choice of product they want to promote which are relevant to their blog or website. 

With flexible payout options including digital payment options to offering a wide range of products to promote. ShareASale has emerged as a market leader in Affiliate marketing and the most trusted platform for affiliates.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is a known and trusted name. At some point in time, we all have bought something from Amazon. You have a variety of products on amazon as they haven’t left any category or type which you cannot find on amazon.  Amazon launched the Amazon affiliate program “Amazon Associates” in 1996. And to date, it is one of the best companies in Affiliate Marketing.

Along with the known and trusted brand image, Amazon’s unique and efficient affiliate program has made it popular among the affiliates. 

Amazon offers up to 10% commission towards the product sale through the affiliate’s link. And Amazon even pays an affiliate in scenarios where the traffic is referred through their link but the product bought is not what they promoted. Such options attract a large number of the affiliate to be associated with Amazon. We hope this helped you in getting some insights on how exactly Affiliate marketing works. With effective affiliate marketing, one can have a passive income source based on how they market the product through their blog or website leading to a sale. And companies or merchant can save money on traditional advertising methods and will pay only based on the results rather than expectation. 

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