FluxOn Club Review – A Scam or Worth?

FluxOn Club Review

FluxOn Club Review:

Hello there! In this review, we will be taking an in-depth look into understanding what FluxOn Club is and whether it is a scam or not. The FluxOn club review is helpful in understanding what the company is and how it operates.

FluxOn Club Review
FluxOn Club Review

The FluxOn club operates in the cryptocurrency MLM niche and the company is founded and headed up by co-founders Jorge Nieto and Georgy Katsanov. Georgy Katsanov has claimed himself to be a private entrepreneur with more than seven years of experience.

It is still unknown to the amount that Katsanov has stolen from all his victims that he has interacted in the past with. Katsanov has made claims on his LinkedIn profile, boasting about converting $30,000 into $2,000,000 all in the short span of four years.

Besides a LinkedIn profile, there is no information about the employees or executives who are working with the company. The company’s address has been registered in Tbilisi, Georgia however the information is based out of Spain.

Katsanov has listed the address of the office as located in Spain and has listed his location in his profile as Lisbon, Portugal. If Katsanov is based out of Portugal and that is exactly where it’s being operated from and any major ties to Georgia and Spain which may appear only on paper.


What are the products that FluxOn club provides?

The FluxOn club has no reliable or retailable products or services, with only affiliates and the ability in marketing FluxOn club affiliate membership itself. The FluxOn club affiliates invest in FON tokens on the promise of advertised returns.

When you are buying FluxOn tokens, you can get lifelong revenue from the activity of the company as well. There are no specifics which are provided on FluxOn club’s website.


What are the ranks for FluxOn club affiliate members?

There are more than 10 affiliate ranks within the compensation plan offered by the company such as:

  • Partner rank: Investing $100 and generating $200 in a weaker binary team side volume.
  • Agent rank: Investing $250 and generating $2000 in downline investment volume.
  • Consultant: Investing $500 and generating $10,000 in downline investment volume.
  • Supervisor: Investing $750 and generates $25,000 as downline investment volume.
  • Junior Manager: To invest $1500 and will generate $75,000 in downline investment volume.
  • Manager: Generating $200,000 in the downline investment volume by investing $2500.
  • Administrator: Generating $1,00,000 by investing $10,000 in the downline investment volume.
  • Director: Investing $25,000 by generating $2,000,000 in the downline investment volume.
  • General Director: Generating $5,000,000 and investing $50,000 in downline investment volume.

Some of the residual commissions which are paid out by FluxOn club is done with the help of a binary compensation structure. The binary compensation structure helps to place an affiliate at the very top of a binary team.



In conclusion, the main steps involved in the FluxOn club have convinced people in handing money over and paying returns, which pays withdrawals until the investment runs out. The MLM side of the business is completely structured in a pyramid scheme.

There are no products, no services and nothing is being marketed or even sold to customers working in retail. All of your recruits should spend money and you can also get a cut. The basic cycle consists of you recruiting members, them spending their money and you finally getting a cut.

The club is not publicly tradable and there is nothing backing this claim and it helps in managing crypto assets. There is nothing that FluxOn club backs this up with, so it raises quite a few red flags about this business.

There is no evidence about the range of services provided by the FluxOn club also has a range of services with cryptocurrency mining. Even to operate within the legal confines of the FluxOn club, they have to register themselves as financial regulators for every country which has solicited investments in.

Thus, FluxOn club is operating illegally and it is not getting registered because it claims to be doing something that it is not supposed to be doing. So in conclusion, be wary of investing in this organization especially if you are strapped on cash as they target the helpless.

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