EXnGlory Review: Legit or Scam?

EXnGlory Review

EXnGlory Review:

A lot of business opportunities emerge with the development of technology and other aspects of the market. Many businesses flourish based on their initial stages with the required amount of clients and by focusing on keeping up their service goals. With the increase in the number of business opportunities, it is hard to find the right one and let alone find a business is legit or not.

EXnGlory ReviewExnGlory is an MLM company through which people can make money by joining as an affiliate member and getting more members to join this platform. The idea is to recruit people and make investments to earn more from the platform that offers possible opportunities

The company claims to be an Australian trading firm that was started in 2015, although there is no proof available online. The trading firm works on Trading crypto currencies and foreign exchanges. They pay investors every trading day or weekdays from 1% up to 3.2% daily, which mainly depends on the investment Package. Here is all you need to know about ExnGlory:

Let us start with the investment plans of EXnGlory:

The company claims that members can make money with the help of the promised ROI that the platform offers. To start earning from this program and, each member has to make a minimum investment of $100. There are other investment plans provided by them which we’re going to discuss later.

The investment plans returns go like this: 

  • 1% – 1.2% Daily For 18 Days
  • 1.2% – 1.4% Daily For 35 Days
  • 1.4% – 1.6% Daily For 50 Days

Though they have all the investment plan well thought out, the company is not selling any products. EXnGlory has no products or services that can make money. For now, the affiliates can only market EXnGlory affiliate membership.

EXnGlory hasn’t been accredited with the BBB. One thing about the company is that the BBB website is not under a government-run site, which makes us wonder whether the company is official or not.

Unstable Operational Model of EXnGlory

EXnGlory offers members to make money with the help of trading Bitcoin and forex. While cryptocurrency and forex trading is a potential opportunity, not everyone can earn from the markets. Moreover, without the required skill and efforts, there is very little chance of making a profit.

Though the platform claims about providing exciting returns offers, they don’t have any proof to support their claims. For example, we don’t find any trading history on their website, and no one has validated the success rate of their software yet.

Unreliable Trading Platform

When it comes to the trading market, an individual needs to have a well thought out plan which covers all aspects of trading right from the risk management to position sizing. This is the main prerequisite for a trading platform; without it, trading will never get us consistent returns. So, it is better to do the necessary research before joining the company.

More about Investment Plans and Profits

As explained above, there are two investment plans offered on the EXnGlory platform where the returns range from 1% per day and earn over 250% after a month. It’s common to think that these kinds of numbers sound exciting, but they all seem impractical.

History proves that it is hard to sustain the returns, and even if there is a way to achieve all of them, there is no way they’d never offer them for free. So, refrain yourself back from investing your money in the provided scheme.

Affiliate Program

Even with the flaws present on their platform, there are still people who give them positive or favorable reviews. The main reason is that the owners of this platform offer them valuable returns and perks. The company seems to mislead the public intentionally by promoting these activities.

EXnGlory looks like a scam that may or may not fail to deliver all the promised investment returns. The company might pay a few clients to get some positive testimonials on forums, but we all know that will not make them look legit. We still aren’t aware of the owners of EXnGlory and are functioning from the shadows, and it is tough to track the company down. Be mindful before investing with this platform because it is not worth the risk.

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