EProfitHub Review – Compensation Plan Details

EProfitHub Review

EProfitHub Review:

I decided to review and have a closer look at eProfitHub due to the on-going buzz that is going around on the internet about eProfitHub.

EProfitHub Review
EProfitHub Review

So if you are here to gather some information about eProfitHub, you are at the right place to know a bit more about this.

I wanted to research more about this opportunity personally as well. I wanted to know what type of company this is, what kind of work it does, and if it is merely another Pyramid scheme that pops up frequently.

I am going to research the information about the opportunity, its products, how this company works, and its compensation plan to see if this company is worth it or not.

After finally going through all the research, I will share my thoughts and recommendation on whether eProfitHub is something you can rely upon or not. So, please fasten your seatbelts and go through the complete article to conclude.

With all this said, let’s go ahead and start understanding eProfitHub in detail.

What is EProfitHub?

eProfitHub is a passive income opportunity for its participants that also pay high ROI on their investments. eProfitHub is also referred to as an MLM company that requires you to recruit new affiliates and build your team of members to help you earn more commissions.

One good thing that I noticed about this opportunity is that it allocates referral links to free members as well so that you can refer others without you investing your money in it and, in turn, earn referral commissions.

eProfitHub is a passive opportunity to earn crypto-currency through recruiting new members or referring new members.

About the Company

Honestly, I have researched about this opportunity thoroughly, but I am unable to find any information about the company’s hierarchy or any information about its owner. Honestly, this is not a good sign for an MLM Company…..

Though this is not something that qualifies, this opportunity is a scam, but this is a fresh scam that indicates us to be much more careful before investing in such a passive investment opportunity…..


Products Offered: EProfitHub Review

Now, let’s discuss the products offered in eProfitHub.

After going through the entire website and doing thorough research about eProfitHub, I was unable to find any products or services offered anywhere.

The only thing offered on the website is an affiliate membership signup to earn commissions by becoming an investing affiliate and building your network of members.

There are no products or services that are offered, which is the most important reason for determining an MLM company, whether that is a scam or not.

Earnings with EProfitHub

There are two ways to earn commissions with eProfitHub:

  • ROI Commissions.
  • Referral Commissions.


Getting Started and ROI Commissions

To get started with eProfitHub, you will have to make a minimum investment of $10 to earn your commission in cryptocurrency.

Once you pay your minimum investment of $10, the company promises you to pay ROI every 60 minutes.

There is only one investment plan offered by eProfitHub. Here is how the commission plan works.

Pays 0.25% ROI every 60 minutes for a total of 1440 hours

  • Hourly Income-$0.25
  • Daily Income-$6
  • Monthly Income-$180
  • Yearly Income-$360

Referral Commissions

You can earn referral commissions by recruiting new members using the affiliate link that the company shares with you to build your team or set of affiliates below you.

The commissions are calculated and paid following “uni-level compensation plan,” which lets you earn according to the plan level you are on.

At the first level, you will earn 8% on all the members you have personally recruited.

At the second level, you will earn 1% on all the members that are personally recruited by your personally recruited members.

At the third level, you will earn 1% on all the members that are personally recruited by the next set of members.


What I like about EProfitHub: EProfitHub Review

Earning without risking your own money : The best thing that I like about this company is that it allocates referral links to free members as well so that you can refer others without you investing your money in it and, in turn, earn referral commissions.

Brand new project: Everybody who is related to the internet has a fair idea about Ponzi and Pyramid schemes. Few run for three months, few for six months and a few for two years. eProfitHub is a brand new company that is a plus for investing for a few months.


What I don’t like about EProfitHub: EProfitHub Review

The most worrying doubt that I have with eProfitHub is its popularity. Few marketers are already trying to market this opportunity, but it has a long way to go in terms of popularity. There is a massive potential of eProfitHub growing big, but until some prominent marketers works behind it, there are high doubts that this will be a success.

Another aspect that relates to the Ponzi or Pyramid schemes is the flow of money or their reserve funds. Once the reserve funds run dry and there is no affiliate membership available, there are high chances that the opportunity will collapse.

EProfitHub Review Conclusion:

Now, I believe you have all the information about this opportunity, and the eProfitHub Company required to make an educated decision on whether to invest in this opportunity or not. You being the rightful owner of your money, I believe you would be the best person to make a wise decision on whether you will invest your hard-earned money in this opportunity.

If you ask me about this, I would say “no” I would not have joined if I would have been in your place as they do not have any retail products or services to offer along with the MLM structure. That directly indicates that this is a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme.

Hope you enjoyed about our article on “EProfitHub Review”. Please do follow us on LinkedIn to know get updated with our latest articles and in below section share your thoughts or comments. Thanks for reading!

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