eComelize Review: Former OneCoindev goes rogue – Scam or Legit?

eComelize Review

eComelize Review:

You may have witnessed that eComelize is receiving a lot of hype and attracting attention these days.

You might have had any friend in Network Marketing who might approach you about eComelize, or you may have come across it on social media.

eComelize Review
eComelize Review

eComelize functions in the ecommerce MLM niche. The company permanent corporate addresses in Delaware and Spain on its website.

The US address is residential and also has been used by at least one other business. The business address is a “business center” in Malaga, Spain. With that in mind, it’s relatively easy to confirm that eComelize doesn’t have a legit physical address in the United States.


Who is its founder?

As far as this is concerned who’s in charge of eComelize, that title belongs to Founder and CEO Jan-Eric Nyman, and he’s not new in the game.

Nyman first got started in the MLM play with Unaico SiteTalk, with one of his new businesses seeing him be part of the development team for OneCoin. Very soon after OneCoin shut down, its founder Duncan Arthur went on to re-brand the venture as Bycoi.

There seems to have been some falling out between Nyman and Arthur, as Nyman was issued a cease by Arthur for attempting to copy his business design and launch eComelize based on the Bycoi platform.


eComelize Products?

Besides the case, that eComelize got started by someone who has a history of being associated with well-known scams and that eComelize is a no product MLM. Still, without a product, it is an illegal pyramid scheme.

As discussed that eComelize has no products or services, and affiliates can only market the eComelize affiliate membership. There is a 10% cash commission, and the rest get paid in a double plan. As always, there is a parallel bonus, leader bonuses, and a car bonus. If you want to earn maximum commissions, you need to buy a €2790 membership.

Speaking of the income opportunity, let’s have a closer look at just how it works. As an eComelize affiliate, you need to pay a membership fee to join as a member. Once you do that, you’ll be getting paid for recruiting more people to do the same thing.

For these direct recruitment, there is a commission, and you’ll be able to earn a 10% rate for anyone you recruit into eComelize.

If an affiliate wants to increase your earning potential, eComelize also operates continuing commissions using a binary system. As you create out your downline by adding more and more affiliates and continue your recruiting activity, you stand to make more and more money.

If anyone is interested in joining eComelize, they can join for free, or there are a few different memberships they need to choose.

  • eComelize Free — $0
  • eComelize Lite — 490 EUR
  • eComelize Basic — 990 EUR
  • eComelize Plus — 1970 EUR
  • eComelize Advanced — 2790 EUR

They claim as you spend more and more on these membership fees, your earning potential for the income opportunity gets directly impacted.

As it is clearly visible, eComelize cooks down to nothing more than a conventional recruitment opportunity. One pays a fee to join and then make it your purpose to get other people to do the same thing.

Recruitment opportunities can prove to be profitable if you have a knack for recruiting and understand the risk involved with them. Still, they’re historically not the right choice if you’re looking for a business at which you can set down your roots. They can be suitable for quick cash, but that’s about it.

We believe nothing is stopping Nyman from launching his token and trying to continue where OneCoin left off.

Failing which, eComelize is a simplistic pyramid scheme that will collapse when recruitment inevitably dries out. Please do follow us on LinkedIn to know get updated with our latest articles and in below section share your thoughts or comments.


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