Different types of affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing

Every individual who is aware of the term online marketing is sure to be informed about affiliate marketing. At some point or the other in our lives, every one of us must have come across online advertisements saying “Earn while you sleep.” There are multiple affiliate marketing programs enabling marketers to earn some passive income.

Types of affiliate marketing:

Before going deeply into the various types of affiliate marketing, let’s discuss the crucial components of affiliate marketing.

  1. Advertiser– Also known as Affiliate Merchant, they can be anyone ranging from an individual, a company, a creator, or an entrepreneur who creates a product or service.
  2. Publisher– Also known as Affiliates or Affiliate Marketer, a publisher can be an individual or a company, anyone who promotes the product or service created by the advertiser.
  3. Consumer-This is the end customer who purchases the product or service created by the advertiser and marketed by the publisher.

Now let’s discuss the different types of affiliate marketing.


  • Webmasters

They are the owners of their website, and they build their websites. These are the marketers that the advertisers contact to market their products through the webmaster’s site. Website owners with high traffic generating capability drive the consumers to the merchant’s website and, in turn, share the percentage of their profits.


  • PPC or SEO Affiliates

They use practical digital marketing skills to drive the consumers to the merchants or the advertiser’s website. They use their SEO, PPC, Adwords, or Social Media Marketing skills to help the merchants to receive the end consumers. They invest personally in marketing their website using various digital marketing techniques so that they can generate revenue for the affiliates program and themselves as well.

To succeed in this kind of affiliate marketing, one should be an expert in various forms of digital marketing techniques such as PPC, SEO, Adsense, Social Media Marketing. They get paid by the advertiser on a per click and end sale basis. It is suggested for the experts in this field to try this type of affiliate marketing who can try various digital marketing skills to attract and convert leads.


  • Content Sites

Various content-based websites, blogs, portals are the most popular forms of Affiliate Marketing. These sites are also used for writing reviews for new products or services of the merchants. These are the type of platforms for writing and posting information about a company.

You will have to send your product or service information to the site owner and request them to write about your product. This will help the merchant to market the product or the service in a much better way. Site owners then direct the site users to the advertisers as the content written by the site owners tend to rank higher in the search engines.

This kind of Affiliate Marketing is responsible for getting the maximum quantity of visitors to the merchant’s products or services. It is essential to find out a good blogger or a content writer to market your affiliate program.


  • Emails Or Newsletters

In such a form of Affiliate Marketing, the publishers have their specific databases of user emails that they use to send offers or newsletters related to the products or services of the merchants.

In this form of Affiliate Marketing, it is essential to accumulate the consumer email list in legitimate ways, and that is the reason that decides whether the consumers will be accepting these emails and newsletters. This form of marketing is the easiest way to share offers and promotions.


  • Coupon Sites

With the start of the rise of online shopping, several people search for coupons online from all the marketers. This is the exact reason why this form of coupon site is so famous for Affiliate Marketing. These coupon sites receive a massive amount of traffic due to its popularity and help you increase your revenue.


  • Social Media

Social media is very relevant nowadays. There are multiple influencers and experts who enjoy huge followers on social media. These influencers use their followers for marketing the merchant’s products or services and, in turn, drive more consumers to the merchant’s sites.


  • Review Sites

These types of websites are built by the marketing affiliates that help by reviewing multiple different websites, depending on their form of business. The members earn their commissions while bringing the advertisers to the merchants.


  • Incentivised Traffics

In this type of marketing, the merchants get traffic in their sites in return for some sort of incentive or compensation by performing some registration or visiting a website.

So, here are a few types of affiliate marketing that will help all the advertisers or the merchants to have a better online presence, lead generation, and revenue.

Affiliate Marketers have multiple choices regarding Affiliate marketing, and now it is on you to choose between the various forms of marketing depending on your skills or the commission you will be receiving. But one thing is for sure, and these are one of the most effective ways of Affiliate Marketing.

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