Crowd1 Review – Scam or Legit Gaming MLM?

Crowd1 Review - Scam or Legit Gaming MLM? 1

Crowd1 Review

Welcome to the third-party, unbiased Crowd1 Review

Possibly you saw an advertisement about Crowd1 while browsing your internet, and you can’t just stop thinking about it. Or maybe one of your friends introduced you to this latest business opportunity.

Whatever the case may be, you’re excited to sign up, but the opportunity appears to be too good to be true.

Crowd1 Review
Crowd1 Review

One of the things that we will look here is whether Crowd1 is a scam or not.

We wouldn’t want you to join a company that is at the risk of shutting down due to non-compliance reasons or poor business decisions.

We will see if Crowd1 has everything that it takes to be a long-term steady program by checking out all the information about the business, the products, and its compensation plan.

We are hopeful that you will find this Crowd1 Review helpful, and it will help you make well-informed decisions about where to invest your hard-earned money. Let’s begin.


What Is Crowd1 – Introduction

Crowd1 is an online MLM company that offers shares that you can purchase and generate passive income by developing a network of investing members shares as well.


The program allows educational training guides on various topics from cryptocurrency trading to real estate.


Nevertheless, there is an aspect that it is not transparent that may be contributing to further revenue source that we will talk about below.


The Company Overview

One of the first things that we would like to find out is that who runs the company or who the owner is.


While looking at the company’s website, we couldn’t locate any information about who runs or owns this company.


Hence, we looked at the domain information to check if we could find out any other data about its owner, but here’s what we found:

  • The domain “” was registered in the year 2007 but it was updated on 10-2018.
  • The registered owner’s name would be, Stelios Piskopianos of Crowd1 Network Europe Ltd.

Mr.Stelios has a LinkedIn profile that shows details about his financial services experience that includes sound IT skills and comprehensive knowledge of computer information systems as per his profile.


It looks like he has some legitimate businesses that he either has worked for or works for on his LinkedIn profile, but it fails to list any information about his latest Crowd1 business for some reason.


That is all of the owner information that we have about the Crowd1 company, let’s move to the next section.


What Products Does Crowd1 Offer?

In this section, we look at the products that it has to offer.


After browsing through the company’s website, we couldn’t find any retail product. Though the opportunity of it has a part of it that is similar to an MLM business model.


So what will you receive when you make an investment while joining Crowd1? It will be educational training materials on topics such as:

  • Funding and Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • and more

You also will get access to platforms such as:

  • Miggster
  • AffilGo

Miggster is a social media game and digital mobile game that members will have access to.


AffilGo is a crowd affiliate website where only members can make money through the gaming businesses that are participating.


That is all there is about the products that Crowd1 offers.


How Much to Join Crowd1?

If you wish to register with Crowd1, remember that there are separate membership packages available to you. The most affordable is the White starter kit that costs 99 Euros and comes with ownership rights that value at 100 Euros.


The next package is Black, and it costs 299 Euros. The value of the ownership rights is set at 300 Euros.


The Gold membership costs a massive 799 Euros and has 1,000 Euros worth of ownership rights.


Be ready to spend 2499 Euros if you want to acquire the Professional or Platinum Courses package. The ownership rights value is set at 3,500 Euros.


What is Crowd1’s Compensation Plan?

The returns that you will earn depend on the kind of investment you’ve made with Crowd1. Let’s assume that you invested in a White package that costs 99 Euros. You’ll receive 100 Euros in ownership rights shares.


Invest in the Black package 299 Euros, and get 300 Euros-worth of ownership rights shares.


Those who invest in the Gold package (799 Euros) will receive 1000 Euros-worth of ownership rights shares. Those who invest in the Titanium package (2499 Euros) will receive 3500 Euros-worth of ownership rights shares.


Check out the various means you can earn with Crowd1.


  • Product Package Sales Bonus

The organization has a binary commission plan. This indicates that the first two members you sponsor as Associates are placed on the right and left sides of your downline.


When the person that you have sponsored also brings in two other members, they too, are placed on the right and left side of the sponsor’s team. The extension of your downline has no limit.


Sell one White package that costs 88 Euros to get 90 binary points. Sell one Black package that costs 299 Euros to get 270 binary points.


Single Gold package sold by your team member is converted to 720 binary points when one platinum package sold for 2,499 Euros is equal to 2,250 binary points.


  • Streamline Bonus

This kind of bonus relies on the number of Associates you have individually sponsored. Let’s assume you are a Level 3 associate who has personally sponsored 2 other associates. They have bought the White package, so your ownership rights each week is now at 7.50 Euro. This increases as you climb the ranks to Level 15.


Remember that this does not give you additional ownership rights. This bonus is usually calculated every Friday, midnight GMT.


  • Matching Bonus

Support the associates you’ve sponsored develop their business and accomplish their goals to receive a matching bonus.


For instance, if you have sold a membership package to four other associates, you’ll be qualified to receive a 10% matching bonus on the binary points they collected. This is a bonus from Crowd1 and will not be taken from the members you have already sold a membership package to.



Well, I personally would not join Crowd1 just because of the issues I have with its business structure, but now you have all of the knowledge to make a well-versed decision to join or not. Because whatever the situation is, you are the best judge about where to invest and where not to invest.


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