Circle of Finance Review: Scam or Legit?

Circle of Finance review

Circle of Finance Review:

Welcome to Our Circle of Finance review! This business opportunity is one of the latest businesses that popped up; it also has got a connection with a few other businesses opportunity from the past, but for the purpose of Circle of finance review, We are just going to discuss and concentrate on Circle of Finance which involves mentioned below:

Circle of Finance
Circle of Finance
  • Circle of Finance – Works as an Umbrella Company
  • TradeInvicta – Private Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • TrebleU – MLM or pyramid opportunity of the business
  • DealsInvicta – Online Marketing Platform

There might also be other additional references as well, but these are the ones that we came across while researching for this review of the Circle Of Finance.

There are a lot of chances that someone might have approached you with this business opportunity, and to know the reality of this opportunity, is it legit or scam?

Not to worry, we are going to take you through the company background, the compensation plan, and the product they have got to offer so that you can make a precise decision.

Like we stated earlier, this business has three smaller sub-business it including TradeInvicta, TrebleU, and DealsInvicta.

Veselina Volkova and Habib Zahid head the Circle of Finance. They were both involved with OneCoin and are considered veterns.

Veselina Volkova worked in OneCoin’s head office in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Habib Zahid was among the top promoters, later OneCoin, Habib Zahid goes by the name of Habib Abdul Rehman.

US authorities have been trying to crack down all big promoters of OneCoin, and since then, both of these two people who are also a married couple now are hiding out in Dubai.

We tried to look for further company details, but the company details are not public and only accessible by former OneCoin investors or affiliate members.


Product In Circle of Finance:

Well, this was quite obvious looking at the previous record of the affiliate members and people who are promoting this business opportunity that they won’t be having any retail product. When looked further, this turns out to be the truth. Circle of Finance has got no retailable products or services; the only way of earning money is with affiliates only able to market Circle of Finance affiliate membership itself.


The Compensation Plan Of Circle of Finance:

Circle of Finance affiliate members invest money into INV Tokens; the commissions get paid when other affiliate members do the same. Through TrebleU, they offer five different tiers of investments plans:

  • Forex Introduce – spend €250 and earn 35 INV tokens
  • Forex Trader – spend €950 and earn 130 INV tokens
  • Forex Impact – spend €1950 and earn 350 INV tokens
  • Forex Professional – spend €2950 and earn 600 INV tokens
  • Forex Winner – spend €3950 and earn 950 INV tokens

Additional INV tokens can further get acquired via the InvictaTrade private cryptocurrency exchange.

Depending on the primary plan purchase amount made (as per the tiers mentioned above), there is also a bonus of up to 15percent on direct investment in INV tokens available.

Due to the MLM or pyramid front of Circle of Finance is being run by TrebleU, as per our understanding, MLM commissions are only getting paid out on first investment.

There are also seven affiliate ranks within the Circle of Finance’s compensation plan.

  • Iron- recruit two investing affiliates
  • Copper- recruit two Iron ranked affiliates
  • Silver- recruit two Copper ranked affiliates
  • Gold- recruit two Silver ranked affiliates
  • Diamond- recruit two Gold ranked affiliates
  • Platinum Diamond- recruit two Diamond ranked affiliates
  • Pearl Diamond- recruit two Platinum Diamond ranked affiliates


Cost To Join Circle of Finance:

Circle of Finance affiliate membership needs an initial investment of €250 to €3950 :

  • Forex Introduce – €250
  • Forex Trader – €950
  • Forex Impact – €1950
  • Forex Professional – €2950
  • Forex Winner – €3950


This business opportunity is the exact copy of OneCoin, and you guys can look at how that turned out. We won’t be recommending this business opportunity to anyone because this is for sure a waste of hard-earned money, this company could possibly be a different company that steals millions or even billions of dollars from the people and then mix in the dust.

Circle of Finance is pretty much a carbon copy of OneCoin that got shut down in early 2017. INV tokens have an in-house cost value of €1.20, but the value is pretty much useless outside of the company. Please do follow us on LinkedIn to know get updated with our latest articles and in below section share your thoughts or comments.



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