Ash Mufareh: Meet the Information Technology Revolutionary

Ash Mufareh, Ash Mufareh Onpassive, Ash Mufareh gofounder, Ashmufareh, Ash Mufareh Review

In today’s articles, let’s know is Mr. Ash Mufareh really going to make a revolutionary change in IT Sector or not?

The advancement of Information Technology is a continuous process, and with every breakthrough, IT is revamped, and old processes are thwarted. The processes in the IT domain, though look rigid, they will have room for adaptations. Therefore, the IT companies and visionaries always look for new processes or approaches that can make IT better and more efficient than ever.

Ash Mufareh, Ash Mufareh Onpassive, Ash Mufareh gofounder, Ashmufareh, Ash Mufareh Review
About Ash Mufareh

The primary feature of the information revolution is the upward growth of the economic, social, and technological aspects of the world. Any significant changes in the economic, social, or governance that are brought by Information Technology is deemed as a revolution in the IT industry. Thus, Ash Mufareh saw the opportunity of using IT to revolutionize it with his extraordinary vision for the global community.


Mr. Ash Mufareh’s IT revolution with AI

Ash Mufareh founded ONPASSIVE that dedicated its resources and efforts towards disrupting the Information Technology industry and the global business community. Intellectual research has enabled ONPASSIVE to come up with a platform that is encompassed with AI features and revolutionizes business operations that are performed in the future. The incomparable vision by Ash Mufareh to incorporate AI in business operations is a revolutionary idea that is currently being scaled to be implemented worldwide. The pilot within the organization has shown outstanding results in taking care of all the business functions with little or no inclusion of human intervention or efforts.

Ash Mufareh, Ash Mufareh Onpassive, Ash Mufareh gofounder, Ashmufareh, Ash Mufareh Review
Mr. Ash Mufareh: Information Technology Revolutionary in 2020?

Here is a quick peek of some of the exciting features included in the ONPASSIVE’s AI platform:

  • The automated lead generation process
  • Automated conversion of potential customers to real customers
  • Mass email and SMS marketing features to convert visitors to loyal patrons
  • AI-based identification of potential customers
  • AI framework to retain existing customers and achieve the best strike rates
  • ONPASSIVE AI offers integrated CRM to delight the customers
  • All the technical features like web hosting, domain name registration, VPN, website builder, chat, screen sharing, and others included for automated business operations
  • End-to-end funnel for completely automated businesses

These are some of the power-packed features that are built using AI technology – which is all set revolutionize the industry. Right now all we can see is a teaser for the big AI platform that is aimed to create new businesses and generate fat cash flow to your bank accounts. You’ll not have to worry about accounting and positive cash flow to your business. Rather, you will get an opportunity to amass wealth and live the life that you wanted to lead.


ONPASSIVE IT revolution backs GoFounders

GoFounders is the organization that is heavily backed by ONPASSIVE from the back end with its revolutionary AI technology. However, a technology needs leaders to take it to the masses; therefore, GoFounders creates new leaders and educate them with the technicalities of the ONPASSIVE AI and mentor their leadership qualities that machines can’t do yet.

Ash Mufareh, Ash Mufareh Onpassive, Ash Mufareh gofounder, Ashmufareh, Ash Mufareh Review
Revolution with AI – Mr. AshMufareh

GoFounders develops new leaders who, in return, take the ONPASSIVE’s AI technology to the masses and educate them to run their business independently even if the business owner lacks the business skills. Also, the strong network of GoFounders leaders will complement the backend AI technology platform. Here’s where Ash Mufareh stands out when compared to all other business leaders, because, most of the leaders exploit technology to create wealth for them and ensure they keep the technology away from the masses.

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However, Ash Mufareh believes otherwise. His vision is to take ONPASSIVE’s AI-backed technology to the individuals globally and topple the compensation structure that is followed worldwide. GoFounders, when combined with ONPASSIVE technology, will spawn new businesses disruptively and rapidly that it will take the world and its leaders a while to adapt to the new economic and social environment.


The ONPASSIVE IT revolution is oncoming

Technology as a concept was developed by general scientists and researchers who envisioned that technology would empower the common citizens of the countries to alleviate themselves from their ordinary lives and lead a life of prosperity. With the onslaught of large MNCs – who had the money and political power – the intellectual properties of the common researchers were used to empower a few elites instead of giving power to the masses.

Nevertheless, the scenario is all set to change with Ash Mufareh’s world vision that will empower individuals with the ONPASSIVE’s AI technology for a few dollars and, in return, will build businesses that can generate a stream of revenue for all the individuals with the power of the revolutionary IT. When ONPASSIVE’s AI platform would be launched, it will revolutionize the pay structure and business models of the millions of individual business owners.

Ash Mufareh’s IT revolution is coming to all the people that will empower them to launch and run their business profitably even they think they’re not fit for developing and operating a business. ONPASSIVE’s AI platform – with all its visionary features combined – will enable individuals to establish and run their business successfully. The AI platform will apply all the appropriate business skills an individual may lack to ensure the business is being run profitable and successfully without any additional external financial support.


New business models for 2020

Ash Mufareh, Ash Mufareh Onpassive, Ash Mufareh gofounder, Ashmufareh, Ash Mufareh Review
Ash Mufareh’s New business models

The IT business models used in the last few decades are outdated and won’t sustain for longer periods – because it is financially benefiting only a few people from the top. Therefore, new business models will be designed and executed in 2020 that will empower the mass populace. Ash Mufareh’s vision will spawn revolutionary business models powered by ONPASSIVE’s AI. The business will generate massive income and alleviate ordinary citizens from their average lifestyles and help achieve prosperity. The initial ONPASSIVE reviews are highly encouraging and have motivated Ash Mufareh’s team to dedicate more improved efforts in finishing the ambitious AI platform to spawn and automate businesses for an exponentially growing revenue flow.

Therefore, the vision is not limited to earning a better salary for an individual, but it challenges the traditional compensation structure and employee-employer relationship altogether. All this is possible today because of the revolutionary AI-based Information Technology system.

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  1. The features that this new AI technology has unveiled is unbelievably state-of-the-art. Mr. Mufareh is on the right track with this product. I completely trust his instincts. This technology is the new game-changer the world needs.

  2. Eagerly waiting for the product launch that promises so much. Basically, with this ONPASSIVE product, we are in the future.

  3. A sneak peek into the exciting features ONPASSIVE’s AI platform brings, gives me goosebumps. I have been searching the net for such a product for long now.

  4. I am dying in anticipation to see what ONPASSIVE has to offer to the world with its new cutting-edge artificial intelligence tool. I just can’t wait to see what’s in store for us.

  5. This is a job well done Mr.Mufareh. Very proud of what you have achieved so far. I wish and hope you excel in everything you do.

  6. Hi, This article is an eye-opener. This write-up is not only informative but also gives a fair idea about the product. I wonder how this thought was conceived and then was given the shape of an all-possible tech piece. I salute the foresight of the person helming such a novel project.

  7. I do not know about the product this article is referring to, but I think it is something very big that is beyond my comprehension. Hoping to see what this technology holds in store.

  8. Congratulations to the GoFounders and ONPASSIVE team for envisioning such an ingenious product. The world is waiting with bated breath for this. Game time, Make it large you guys!

  9. This man’s vision genuinely needs applause. The revolutionary AI-based IT approach will challenge and change the traditional compensation structure and employee-employer relationship.

  10. Can you imagine what this technology will be bringing in to the table once it is launched? It is just unprecedented. I believe only a visionary could think of this. This product of ONPASSIVE is indeed futuristic.

  11. Such a novel thought where GoFounders creates new leaders and educates them with the technicalities of the ONPASSIVE artificial intelligence and mentor their leadership qualities too. The vision behind this is indeed commendable.

  12. Wow! So many valuable points I should have taken notes. Seriously this is an amazingly comprehensive guide on harnessing artificial intelligence, things to look forward to in the AI industry, dos and don’ts. More than everything, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article.

  13. Mr. Mufareh is a genius for sure. Who would ever think of such a great product and also share this with the public? I am indeed very eager to have a look at the product that promises so many good things. I guess this product launch for me is like Christmas coming early. I can hardly wait for it…

  14. This article is so informative. I appreciate the time put into the research and development of this piece. Undoubtedly, Ash Mufareh saw the opportunity of using IT to revolutionize it with his extraordinary vision for the global tech community.

  15. I believe there is a second wave of IT revolution heading our way and I’ll not be surprised to see Mr. Ash Mufareh commanding it. This man is simply a wizard with Artificial intelligence. Marrying AI tech to everyday chores could be the order of the day when this new ONPASSIVE product comes to the fore.

  16. Ash Mufareh. Take a bow Man. This is called dedication to the craft. The product you have envisioned is beyond anything that so-called ‘tech leaders” or ‘technopreneurs’ even thought of. This is the future being laid out in a platter. Commendable Vision Man.

  17. ONPASSIVE’s AI tech and other IT products are always bankable. I totally appreciate and value this man’s radical thought.

  18. There is not an iota of doubt that there is a new IT revolution coming our way. More so since this splendid tool will help empower people to launch and run their business profitably. This tool, I think, has the potential to plug most of the loopholes commonly found in any business.

  19. It is said that great things come in small packages. It is so true with this new product that everyone is talking about. I have my expectations sky-high for the launch of this AI-enabled product. I hope it’ll be all worthy of the wait.

  20. Great going, Ash. You indeed have grown in leaps and bounds with the vision of yours. I’m sure it will only take you to greater heights.

  21. Only time will tell if this product is a success. But from what I have read in this article, it already is a winner. I wish, pray and hope that this AI-enabled product is cheap for mass consumption. It is important to impart the technology to the common people and this helps technology to advance and evolve.

  22. This is a nice post. I have been thinking of writing an article myself on a similar topic. This article covers most of the things that I was looking to write. This article dwells into the subject so very well that I almost have no doubts on the subject.

  23. Absolute DISRUPTION! This is what it is. Ash Mufareh’s AI-based tech leverages information technology and the global business community.

  24. Dabbling in Artificial intelligence is not everyone’s cup of tea and you have done that with panache. I am eagerly waiting for ONPASSIVE’s AI integrated product that is beyond anything I have heard of.

  25. I love the technology that you have been speaking of and to top it all, I admire the vision of the leader is to let commoners become a part of the company he ha founded not as employees alone but also as partners and co-founders. Such an appreciatory move. Keep up the good work…

  26. ONPASSIVE’s Artificial Intelligence tool looks so fluid that I think it can be incorporated anywhere. Just the product I was looking forward to.

  27. We’ve had visionaries like steve jobs, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, etc. Going by the product Mr. Mufareh is coming out with, he just earned himself a place amongst these visionaries. I would want to congratulate Mr. Mufareh for his bold move.

  28. After reading this article, I feel the product ONPASSIVE is launching is super water-tight. I admire the brains behind this such an innovative product.

  29. I feel 2020 could be a turning point in the IT industry in general and AI in particular. There is so much happening in that field off late. I am proud I belong to a generation of doers. With this new product, GoFounders will most definitely sweep the market.

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