Ascira Review – Scam or Legit Travel MLM? How reliable it is?

Ascira Review

Ascira Review:

If you are looking forward to specified Ascira review, then you’ve reached the exact place where you are supposed to be.

Ascira Review
Ascira Review

It’s possible that you have reached across Ascira by email, on social media, or got it endorsed by a friend or family member.

Is Ascira legit or a scam? Ascira Review

This question is what you got in your mind, and that’s being the reason for you being here.

First, to begin with, tips from pro say, “research a lot before investing” in any business or program. And you being here prove that you are aware that there are a lot of chances for this product being a scam, so the fact you’re here right now, investigating whether or not that’s the case is instead a smart move from your side.

To be completely transparent, I individually am not a part of Ascira, so I can promise you that I will never venture to sell it to you except, of course, it’s worth spending.

Ascira is an MLM company that anyone can join and earn money by raising a downline of other affiliate members. The company claims to offer a discount travel gateway where any user can find travel discounts on some things that you would usually see when you visit ant traveling websites like flights, hotels, and rental vehicles.

We have witnesses other MLM companies that have the same concept strived to grab the travel MLM niche and failed. The only means to understand whether Ascira will succeed is to continue watching the progress of other members, complicated right!

Company Overview: Ascira Review

The first thing we do is visit the company’s website and find out about the owners. And saying that Ascira is still in its pre-launch state with a lot to offer over the website.

They’re promising to build their distributor base and start paying commission offline, with no update on this any further. With this being the scenario, it is clearly visible that their online and offline part of the business is under development.

The CEO of Ascira is John Sachtouras. John also promoted Organo Gold MLM, which was a non-FDA approved product in the market and with several complaints against the company. The allegations claim that the company makes exaggerated claims about the possible income somebody can earn as autonomous distributors of the British Columbia-based company’s wares and that it distorts the effectiveness of its products.

Final Review and Thought on Ascira:

Ascira claims to have two products that they will initially start within the marketplace. There are future phases the company promises to go through launching new platforms. The products they will claim to begin with is Ascira Academy and Smart Travel.

Ascira’s Travel Smart is unlikely to be any different from any other discount travel platforms already out there.

Talking about Ascira Academy, No one would like to see Ponzi scheme promoters as their education guides. However, Ascira still has to exhibit any videos in their library in the meantime; they will be delighted to sell you nothing for almost $5000 for a year.

Whether there is a platform or nothing, no one knows till now, and it is a large amount of money to be spent on the people with a vague MLM background offering two different industry products altogether.

That leaves you with nothing else to do apart from recruiting for their pyramid scheme until they start to market retail.

If this happens as well, it is hard to recruit for such kind of schemes, Ascira’s affiliates will flip a switch and will transform to be retail orientated.

As per current time’s scenarios, there are very fewer chances of Ascira to evolve from its pre-launch state or pyramid foundation. Would you like to spend around five grand for something you haven’t seen? The rest is upon you. Please do follow us on LinkedIn to know get updated with our latest articles and in below section share your thoughts or comments. Thanks for reading the top Affiliate Programs!


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  1. Dear Readers,

    You will find all the most important information on functioning on our official sources. We cordially invite you to the website and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) where you can learn more about ASCIRA and the possibilities that offer to each member. Keep track of our participants’ progress and their path to the next levels and ranks.

    The rules and principles of cooperation are described in detail in the Pay Plan available to everyone on the ASCIRA website.

  2. Dear James, can you explain it better please? Because someone told me ist will be the greatest company like Amazon … The person offered ne a place to be founder with an invest …

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