Amway MLM Review: The King of Direct-Selling Enterprises

Amway MLM Review

Amway MLM Review:

Once upon a time, there were two friends, Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos, in Ada, Michigan. In the world of cruel business owners who only focused on making a profit by selling low-quality products, these two friends came up with a unique way to fight back.

They created an army of 5000 distributors in the year 1959 and called themselves American Way Association, in short, “Amway”. Started with Nutrilite food supplements, this association soon expanded its domain into multiple other segments such as health, beauty, and home care with its unique, innovative and quality products. Amway started capturing markets with its aggressive multi-level marketing techniques, ruling out other rulers. And then, with the support of the people of its kingdom, Amway became the King of the entire direct-selling world.

We wish to continue writing this article in this story format, however, we need to stop it here, and continue explaining to you about achievements and strategies adopted by Amway in the regular blog format.

Just to give you the current position of Amway: Amway MLM Review

  • It holds the top position in the DSN Global 100 list since 2017 and is rated A+ (highest) by BBB (Better Business Bureau).
  • There are 800+ patented products of Amway and are widely recognized in about 100 countries.
  • It has 100+ R&D and Quality Assurance laboratories around the world.
  • The Company stands to invest in its employees, empower them to grow and reward their performance and its mission is to help people live better lives. The company also keeps trying to merge nature and science to bring out high-quality products that meet individual needs.
  • 50% of its products belong to Nutrition segment followed by Beauty and Personal Care (26%)
  • As per Euromonitor International, Amway’s Nutrilite is the No. 1 Protein, Vitamin and Dietary Supplement selling brand in the world.
  • According to Verify Markets survey, Amway’s eSpring is the world’s best-selling brand for Home and Kitchen water treatment.
  • Amway’s XS Energy is known as sugar-free energy drink available in 12 varieties.
Amway MLM Review
Amway MLM Review

The reason behind the above-mentioned achievements of Amway: Amway MLM Review

  1. Business Owners: Amway is a pioneer in Multi-level Marketing (MLM) business and its success lies at the hand of millions of people around the globe who have been converted into Independent Business Owners (IBOs). These IBOs either directly sell products to their customers or convert prospects into IBOs. Amway shares all available tools which can be easily accessed by the IBOs to order products or keep a track of sales. These IBOs earn a part of the sale as commission and also receive Bonus based on the sales volume.

When these IBOs register themselves to start the business with Amway, the brand promises retail margin on every Amway products sold by them. On top of retail margins and bonus, Amway always promises incentives to be provided when a milestone is achieved. Till date, the company has granted $61 billion in bonuses and incentives to its business owners.

  • Wide range of Consumers: With diversity in its products, it has a vast range of consumers, from babies to adults. Most of their products are designed and targeted towards Women population. There are nearly 450 products, 140 unique products in 5 categories, high in quality, and have a presence in almost all those nations that Amway serves.
  • A Brand for High Society: There is a misconception around the brand itself that its products are designed for High-Class society only because the products are expensive when compared to other FMCG products in the market. However, this perception plays a vital role today because of the rise in purchasing power of the population and everyone wants to buy products which are meant for elite society.
  • Adoption of Digital Sales Method: The brand still believes in its Word-of-Mouth method of marketing, however, it has started generating sales on the digital platform as well. Turning website into E-commerce site has played a major role in reaching out masses.

Amway has come a long way from the day it was just selling Nutrilite and now it can surely adopt several trending ways for generating sales such as selling its products on other e-commerce sites such as Amazon and can reach out to Salons or small Grocery stores where consumers can either hold the item in hand and read product details themselves or feel it while using without someone explaining how good the product is.

Although Amway has its e-commerce site to sell products directly, however, it can start posting ads on social media and post blogs and create videos for more brand awareness. These methods would help the brand to maintain its No. 1 position for the next few years.

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