Amazon Associates Review: The Ultimate Guide to Success through Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates Review:

Affiliate Marketing is nothing but recommending someone to buy a merchant’s or brand’s products but you make money as a commission only when the person buys the product.

Earning commission through referred business existed before the ‘Internet’ word was even coined. However, introducing affiliate marketing online was conceptualized by William J. Tobin in 1989.

Since then many brands have opened their platforms for marketers to join their affiliate marketing programs.

In between the affiliate and the merchant, sometimes a network exists that guides the affiliate in tracking the sales, handling the payment, marketplace, localization, and product promotion.

One of such Affiliate Network that makes an affiliate marketer’s work much simpler is “Amazon Associates”.

This article will not only help you to understand how Amazon provides a much better version of affiliate marketing but will guide you to automate your affiliate program by using different tools and plugins openly available for all.

So let’s talk about the world’s largest E-commerce Company’s affiliate program.

What are the features of the Amazon Associates affiliate program?

  1. Free Joining – Unlike other affiliate networks, Amazon Associates is a free to join program. No third-party required to approve advertisers to connect this big platform.
  2. Intuitive Tools – Amazon provides tools that could be used by a non-techy person for any site. These tools allow a user to cut and paste the link to the desired products, favourites, popular categories, search-results pages, best sellers, and banners
  3. Product Advertising API – Do you want to integrate Amazon products directly into your website? Amazon Associates provides Product Advertising API to its advanced users to access millions of products and integrate product search and look up capability for product ratings, descriptions and reviews.
  4. Standard Program Fees – Amazon offers up to 10% in advertising fees. Associates program offers standard fee rates that will be shared with affiliates as per qualifying revenue for specific product categories.
Amazon Associates Review: The Ultimate Guide to Success through Affiliate Marketing 1

(Click Here for entire Fee structure and Bounty Rates)

Some of the tools or plugins available to simplify your affiliate marketing:

  • Amazon OneLink: This feature of the Amazon Associates program is designed to localize your product links for customers clicking on your site from any corner of the world.
  • Geniuslink: Are you facing problem in tracking international clicks or do you want to localize links, or do you want to provide multiple choices of Brands for your audience to select for the same product? Multiple issues, one solution – Geniuslink. This tool just provides awesome features to monitor Amazon links and sends alert to highlight when Amazon links break, when a product goes out of stock or if the offer has ended. It also helps you to keep track of all affiliate links in one place. You also have a dashboard for multi-channel reporting or editing live links that adds value to this tool and you can refuse to not accept its offers.
  • AzonPress: This plugin developed by WPManageNinja can help you to quickly set up your affiliate website and provides a faster-linking feature to Amazon Associates program. Post setup, you are just a click away from adding Best Selling or Featured products and can also enable geo-targeting to redirect visitors from any marketplace to specific landing page.
  • WP-Lister Lite for Amazon: WooCommerce can be integrated with Amazon inventories with a specially designed plugin ‘WP-Lister’. With the help of WP-Lister, you can import as many product variations from the Amazon site and can access Amazon category feeds.
  • WooZone: Similar to AzonPress, this plugin on WordPress allows you to import Amazon products into your e-commerce store. It also generates reports to track imported products, change in prices and purchase rates.
  • Amazon Associates Link Builder: This WordPress plugin helps you to search for products, create links within your posts to Amazon product pages and tracks price changes.
  • Ad Inserter: Now you can get rid of placing your ads on the same corner of your website. WordPress’s Ad management plugin “Ad Inserter” helps you to place Shopping Ads anywhere on your site.

With these many features existing in Amazon Associates affiliate program and multiple tools and plugins easily available for better integration of your affiliate site with Amazon, this Network is the number one choice for most of the affiliates. Amazon’s clean and detailed product pages allow a visitor of your site to buy the product on the Amazon site, helping you to ensure earning by posting Amazon’s product link on your site.  Amazon’s brand itself is enough reason for you to succeed in the Affiliate Marketing business. Don’t you agree with this point? Do let us know your point of view and share your opinion with us.

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